Tesla Alerts Owners to Charge to 100% Ahead of Incoming Florida Storm

Tesla storm alert

Tesla continues to leverage its in-car notification system to alert owners to charge their vehicles, when there’s a chance electrical grids may be impacted by weather conditions.

Full Self-Driving (FDS) beta tester, Chuck Cook, shared a message he received in his Tesla on Tuesday.

“In the next 48 hours, a storm is forecast to make landfall in Florida and may impact power access lt charging stations in the region,” said Tesla.

“We recommend charging your Tesla vehicle to 100 percent today to reduce the storm’s impact on your travel plans. You can review the live statuses and availability of Superchargers along your route by tapping the Supercharger pins on your vehicle’s touch screen,” reads the message.

After Hurricane Fiona caused extensive damage along the east coast of the U.S. and Canada, Florida is now expecting Hurricane Ian to arrive this week. The category 3 hurricane has already come down on Cuba, with now 1 million without power in the country. Stay safe out there, folks.