Elon Musk Twitter Deposition Reschedule to October 6-7

After a Delaware judge set Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s deposition for this week, the opportunity for the billionaire to answer questions under oath has been pushed back to next week.

Musk’s deposition for an upcoming trial with Twitter has been rescheduled to October 6 and 7, according to a filing with the court on Tuesday (via Reuters).

The original deposition was scheduled to take place on Monday and Tuesday of this week, but sources familiar with the litigation reported that the interview’s timing was expected to possibly change already, due to the suit’s streamlined nature.

Currently, the two sides are conducting several depositions and reviewing documents to prepare for the October 17 trial in Delaware.

On Tuesday, Twitter also plans to request Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick to penalize Musk, claiming his legal team has disregarded court orders to turn in messages about decisions to end the deal.

After Musk agreed to purchase Twitter at $54.20 per share for a total of $44 billion, Twitter is alleging that he’s attempting to back out of the deal due to the market dropping.

Last month, Musk filed a new Twitter termination notice citing whistleblower Peiter Zatko’s claims that the company has misled the public and investors on its bot account data, which has been a concern of Musk’s since shortly after the deal was initiated.