Tesla Supercharger Location Voting Coming Soon, Says Company

Supercharger hero

Tesla says it will soon start Supercharger Voting, allowing customers to vote on what should be the next location for a charging station.

The @TeslaCharging account made the announcement on Thursday morning. “Supercharger Voting coming soon. Reply with location suggestions – replies with the most likes will be included in the poll.”

While Tesla’s Supercharger network continues to expand at a solid place, there is always the need for new charging locations, given the high pace of the company’s annual vehicle sales.

Crowdsourcing the company’s active customers on Twitter is one way to get feedback on where to put the next Supercharger. But Tesla likely already knows which locations need Supercharger expansion based on time spent at charging sites.

As of Q2, Tesla said it had 3,971 Supercharger locations worldwide, with year-over-year growth of 34%, with 36,165 Supercharging stalls available.