Tesla 2022.24.5: Turn Signal Indicators Move, Uninstall Games, Tire Pressure Timestamp

Tesla released its 2022.24.5 software update on the weekend and now we’re seeing some undocumented changes in this release, according to Not a Tesla App.

The major feature change in the 2022.24 update was the ability to customize your Blind Spot Camera location to show in the upper left of the display. But now there are some more changes to make this happen. Turn signals on the Tesla display for the Model 3 and Model Y have now shifted above the region line, now in line with gear indicators and battery life, according to images shared by @Eric5un with Not a Tesla App:

Turn signals 2022 24 5

Also new in 2022.24.5 is the ability to uninstall games from Tesla Arcade, should you want to remove a game from your vehicle and free up space, if necessary:

Uninstall games 2022 24 5

Another undocumented change is tire pressure now has timestamps, showing you when they were last updated. This helps you know exactly when your tire pressure was last checked by Tesla Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring sensors. Tesla also indicates a recommended cold tire pressure on screen at 42 psi for the front and rear:

Tire pressure

A wider 2022.24.5 rollout should be taking place soon, and we can’t wait to try it out. Have you received 2022.24.5 yet in your Tesla?