SpaceX Starlink Travel Case Reviewed by Early Customers [PICS]



Photo: u/bendivin

SpaceX’s Starlink is continually improving its offerings, and with its recent approval for in moving vehicles, it’s only fitting that some customers are getting the official travel case for the hardware.

The Starlink Travel Case is arriving for some customers, as seen in a series of photos shared late last month (via Reddit).

Photo: u/bendivin

The Starlink Travel Case includes a hardshell case with internal storage for the terminal, and a top carrying handle and backpack straps to make it easy to transport.

Photo: u/bendivin

The inside of the pack includes styrofoam pockets for all the hardware to neatly fit into, which is a big upgrade for the user who previously carried things around in a much larger bin.

Photo: u/bendivin

In the post, the user wrote, “This thing is designed to save as much space as possible – the whole kit packs in quite firmly into the solid foam. It’s probably a little too big for a carry on, and I’m not sure it’s rugged enough to trust for checked baggage, but it’s perfect for conveniently packing the kit in the car or RV as I intend to.”

SpaceX reached full Earth coverage with a Starlink satellite launch last month, at the time having 2,805 satellites in its orbital constellation.

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