2022.24.1 Tesla Update Release Notes

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.24.1 software update on Thursday evening, as detected by third-party company software, @Teslascope. 2022.24.1 was detected on a 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid in New Jersey.

Tesla’s 2022.24 software update was detected in late July, and is said to include new features such as a customizable Blind Spot Camera location for the Model 3 and Model Y, plus new Cloud Driver Profiles.

We’ll update this post accordingly as more information becomes available.

Update: 2022.24.1 release notes are now available according to @greentheonly. Cloud Driver Profiles have arrived for the Model 3/Y and refresh Model S/X (but not in China). Refresh Model S/X gets brake blending, while the customizable Blind Spot Camera arrives for the Model 3/Y.

Also new for the Model 3/Y and refresh Model S/X in North America, South Korea and Brazil is a silent alarm mode for Sentry Mode.

If you’ve received 2022.24.1, feel free to share release notes with us so we can share them with the community. Email us tips@teslanorth.com or send us a message on Twitter (@RealTeslaNorth).