2022.24 Tesla Update: Custom ‘Blind Spot Camera’ Location, Cloud Driver Profiles

2022 24 blind spot camera

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.24 software update this week, but not a lot of vehicles have received it. But those that have received the update have shared tidbits about what’s included, including a new customizable Blind Spot Camera location for the Model 3 and Model Y, plus new Cloud Driver Profiles.

That’s according to information received by Not A Tesla App, which shared a screenshot showing the Blind Spot Camera showing in the upper right hand corner—instead of the default lower left location.

Tesla’s Blind Spot Camera feature debuted with its 2021 holiday software update. When a driver presses their turn signal, their respective left or right camera will display on the car’s screen. But the location in the lower left is very counterintuitive and hard to see. Tesla’s 2022.24 software update looks to allow this camera placement on your screen to change, finally.

Also coming are Cloud Driver Profiles, or what the company is apparently calling ‘Tesla Profiles’, according to Not a Tesla App as well.

These cloud-based profiles essentially save your driver settings to your Tesla account. This means signing into your Tesla account on a different vehicle will transfer over all of your vehicle settings. It’s like setting up your Apple ID on a new iPhone—all your settings and preferences are transferred over. This feature is handy if you own multiple Tesla vehicles, or if you are travelling and will be renting a Tesla.

Synced features include the likes of mirror, seat and wheel positions, plus vehicle settings, such as Autopilot, driving preferences, and climate control settings. Also synced to the cloud will be navigation, media and data sharing preferences, plus navigation favorites and recent destinations.

Tesla Profiles will show your profile photo from your Tesla mobile app and your name.

The company debuted cloud syncing for driver profiles back in March of this year, but these new Tesla Profiles look to add beyond that.

If you’ve received 2022.24, feel free to share release notes with us so we can share them with the community. Email us tips@teslanorth.com or send us a message on Twitter (@RealTeslaNorth).