Drone Captures Tesla Testing FSD Beta with ‘Chuck Cook’ Unprotected Left Turns [VIDEOS]



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After Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed its upcoming Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.13 would begin improving unprotected left turns “Chuck Cook” style, it was reported the company had sent down its own team to the site in Florida to test the complex intersection itself.

For those unaware, Chuck Cook is a FSD beta tester in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s been testing FSD beta and how it performs against a complex unprotected left turn that needs to go across three lanes, to then enter another three lanes of traffic. The left turn is tricky as traffic comes fast and furious.

Cook explains his now famous unprotected left turn below:

Last week, Cook said he noticed Tesla sent its own advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) teams driving the company’s vehicles to the site, showing Texas manufacturer license plates. He tried to approach them to say hi but they did not engage initially.

But today, Cook was able to make contact and also film these ADAS drivers using a drone in the sky, testing the unprotected left turn.

“#FSDBeta ADAS drivers working hard today. I was able to thank them for their work today. In the clip below we can see a disengagement followed by a reverse to reset, into a great UPL with the NEW “pose’ at an angle in the median. Looks promising! @elonmusk @aelluswamy”, said Cook, while also sharing the short clip below:

Two other clips were shared by Cook as well, check them out below:

Cook says he noticed these vehicles testing some new maneuvers for the complex left turn.

Musk said yesterday he expects FSD beta 10.13 to be released possibly by the end of this week.

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