60 Tesla Owners in Austria Form ‘Peace’ Sign Atop Highest Mountain



Photo: Tesla Club Austria

With the worldwide reach that Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have, it’s only fitting that owners of the EV brand would meet up to celebrate certain events โ€” such as CEO Elon Musk’s birthday, for which Tesla owners met up at SpaceX’s Starbase.

This time, Tesla drivers in 60 different vehicles from eight different countries drove to Austria’s highest mountain over the weekend to form a huge peace sign, as captured in a drone video shared by Tesla Club Austria on Monday.

According to the flag emojis included in the post, the Tesla vehicles seem to have come from the U.S., Austria, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and Switzerland.

The peace sign itself appears to be made up of about 33 of the Tesla vehicles, while many of the other drivers can be seen parked along the sidelines or at a nearby building seen in the shots.

The Tesla drivers met up at Austria’s highest mountain, Grossglockner, which has an altitude of 11,903 feet (3,628 meters) above sea level.

The news comes just a month after Tesla said Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta is “so close” to being ready for regulator review in Europe, and just a few months after the automaker began rolling out its in-car premium connectivity upgrade.

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