Tesla Removes Model Y 4680 ‘Acceleration Boost’ Upgrade

After offering an Acceleration Boost upgrade for Tesla’s Model Y with 4680 battery pack, the electric automaker has since removed it, as of today, according to YouTube channel Spoken Reviews.

Around June 12 or so, the option to purchase the Acceleration Boost was available for $2,000 USD, for Spoken Review’s Model Y AWD with 4680 from Giga Texas. The option boosted acceleration from 0-60mph to 4.2 seconds, instead of 4.8 seconds.

Oddly enough, Tesla advertises the Model Y AWD 4680 with a 5 second 0-60mph time, so it’s unclear about the discrepancy in the numbers.

But according to the Spoken Reviews community, the option to purchase the Acceleration Boost disappeared today, from both the Tesla app and under their account on the web. It’s unclear why Tesla removed it.

The company could have been A/B testing the upgrade amongst early 4680 Model Y owners, to see if there was any demand for the option.

YouTube video

Today, Tesla started adding the Model Y 4680 to existing inventory in Florida, offering new vehicles to be purchased instantly online for local delivery, in cities such as Miami. There’s still stock as of writing.