Eligible Quebec Households Get Subsidy Letter for SpaceX’s Starlink Internet

Photo: u/Toepherhans

After it was announced that Quebec would provide discounted Starlink internet for 10,000 rural homes, letters offering the subsidy have begun to show up at resident households.

Certain households in areas where internet is not otherwise available are receiving letters from the Quebec government detailing the Starlink subsidies, according to a letter from the Associate Secretary General’s office sent last month (via Reddit).

The letter, written by Associate Secretary General Stephanie Le Bouyonnec, details that the province has partnered with SpaceX Canada in order to provide lowered costs for Starlink’s hardware and services.

In the letter, as translated from French, Le Bouyonnec writes, “Your household, located at the address mentioned above, has been recognized as eligible by the Secretary for subsidized satellite internet service, which allows you to take advantage of a free connection kit as well as to benefit from a subscription preferential.”

The subsidies include a free Starlink kit, and they lower the monthly subscription fee to just $100 CAD before taxes. The letter says the authentication process will start in July.

Canada also announced plans to invest $1 million into Starlink internet in Manitoba, to offer the low-Earth orbit satellite internet to as many as 1,162 households.

Median download speeds across Canada and the U.S. surpassed 100Mbps in Q4 2021.