Ford Includes Tesla Charging Adapter with F-150 Lightning [Update]

Photo: F-150 Lightning Forum (via InsideEVs)

Tesla has remained in Ford’s crosshairs ever since electric vehicles (EVs) started gaining traction, and a recent move with the delivery of Ford’s first electric trucks seems to be trolling the all-electric automaker.

Ford has been delivering units of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup with a Tesla charging adapter, which some speculate may be the company trolling the EV automaker by suggesting they may get stranded more commonly, according to the Lightning Owners forum (via InsideEVs).

Along with being able to help charge other EVs, the Ford F-150 Lightning can also power a home, so long as the correct adapters are used.

Teslas require the specific adapter included in the package, which some users think may have been somewhat intentional.

On the forum, one user wrote, “I took delivery of my 2022 Lightning and as I’m going through the included items I found an adapter to charge Teslas. Interesting find. If I find any dead Teslas I’ll let my Ford Lightning come to the rescue.”

In response, another user wrote, “Interesting. Please post pictures of these adapters. I love the idea of helping out stranded Teslas!”

There have yet to be reports of a second F-150 Lightning customer receiving the Tesla charging adapter. So this could be trolling at its finest.

Still, Tesla continues to dominate the EV sector in terms of sales, and Ford CEO Jim Farley said that Ford needs to cut ad spending and completely revamp its dealership model to even compete with Tesla at the beginning of this month.

Update June 6, 2022: Ford CEO Jim Farley chimed in on Monday afternoon, to confirm this is indeed true. “Not trolling. Just helpful,” said Farley.