Watch Tesla FSD Beta 10.12.2 Attempt Unprotected Left Turns [VIDEO]

Tesla started expanding its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.12.2 yesterday, and veteran tester Chuck Cook wasted no time putting the new release through the wringer in his signature “unprotected left turns” and sharing the results in a new YouTube video.

Cook’s ongoing testing of unprotected left turns on the FSD beta continues to improve for his viewership. Viewers are treated to a zoomed-in view of Cook’s Tesla display, along with a 360° camera and a bird-eye view of each attempt from a drone in the sky.

Cook was off to a rocky start with FSD beta 10.12.2 creeping uncomfortably far into the intersection and not fully committing to the turn when presented with a viable gap in traffic. The beta tester definitely has nerves of steel to resist intervening until the very last minute.

However, things soon got better and Cook was able to get a couple of consecutive, good unprotected left turns (and more) out of FSD. “It knows how to do an unprotected left turn,” Cook noted, saying that the software just has some trouble committing to a turn in heavier traffic.

The latest FSD build features improved median logic, which was apparent in Cook’s testing as his Tesla opted to use the median in the middle of the intersection on one of the turns.

What’s more, not once did FSD turn right instead of making a left turn this time around, which is an issue Cook has run into on previous FSD versions.

Check out Cook’s video below: