Rivian Seeing Customer Complaints Over Revised Delivery Timelines

Photo: Motortrend

Rivian is still figuring out how its distribution model works best, and recent changes to delivery plans have customer complaints mounting, as detailed in a report from Reuters.

One such customer is accountant Jeff Wells in Southern California, who is seeing other R1T deliveries arrive for buyers that purchased years after him, due to a recent change in Rivian’s distribution protocols.

Rivian is now prioritizing reservation holders who chose certain exterior, interior and wheel options, so many with original color choices are left waiting with no delivery in sight — despite reserving their copy several years ago.

The Rivian change seemingly mirrors how Tesla deals with deliveries, giving priority to more expensive and high-end models and add-ons.

In a statement, Wells said, “It’s just annoying and it feels like there’s no order to how they’re doing things.”

Wells is among many others who have criticized Rivian for unclear and inaccurate delivery timelines in recent weeks, despite the fact that the automaker is looking to streamline production with this model.

In an email to customers, Rivian explained, “Building in few build combinations reduces complexity with our suppliers and in the plant and allows us to build a greater number of vehicles.”

The electric automaker added its delivery dates are not just based on the timing of when orders took place, but that it was looking into new ways to fast-track customer deliveries.

Rivian continues to lose money every quarter, with Q1 seeing a loss of $1.59 billion, amid lower delivery numbers due to ongoing global supply chain issues.

Earlier this month, Rivian was approved for its $5 billion production facility in Georgia, which is set to create as many as 7,500 jobs by 2028.