Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 Release ‘Probably This Weekend’ Says Elon Musk

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked when the next version of Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta would be released. Musk said the next FSD beta version 10.12 would “probably” start rolling out this week, either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Fast forward to this week, and Musk has provided an update on FSD beta 10.12. The release is going to take a little longer (no surprise) according to Musk on Tuesday evening, as it will be pushed to “probably this weekend.”

The CEO added, that a “lot of code updates means much is discovered during testing.”

FSD beta 10.12 was expected in early March, but that target date never materialized. Musk previously said FSD beta 10.12 would see “many upgrades to core code” and will take “another step towards all NN’s [neural networks] using surround video & reconciling output to a unified vector space for control code.”

Musk added that the improvements will result in better “complex intersections in heavy traffic.” It’s unclear if and when Tesla will continue to expand its base of FSD beta testers in Canada and the U.S.