Tesla Also Increases Price of Model 3, Model S, Model X in Canada



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Following the price increase of Full Self-Driving in Canada tonight, Tesla also increased the price of its Model Y, and now the same applies to its Model 3, Model S and Model X.

Check out the price changes below:

Model 3

  • RWD – $61,980 (+$600; was $61,380 CAD)
  • Long Range – $74,990 (+$3,000; was $71,990 CAD)
  • Performance – $83,990 (+$2,500; was $81,490 CAD)

Model S

  • Long Range – $129,590 CAD (+$600; was $128,990)
  • Plaid – $178,590 CAD (+$600; was $177,990)

Model X

  • Long Range – $147,590 CAD (+$600; was $146,990)
  • Plaid – $185,590 CAD (+$1,300; was $184,290)

Aside from some smaller $600 price increases (it’s actually the freight delivery fee jumping from $1,280 to $1,880 CAD), the largest increase applies to the Model 3 Long Range and Performance, with hikes of $3,000 CAD and $2,500 CAD, respectively.

The Model S increases by $600 CAD across the board, while the Model X Long Range does too, but the Plaid Model X increases by $1,300 CAD.

Tesla previously increased the prices of its vehicles back in March, and here we are seeing prices heading higher, yet again.

It’s clear the global chip shortage and supply chain headwinds continue to affect automakers, including Tesla, although the Austin headquartered company is faring much better than legacy automakers. Tesla delivered a record 310,048 cars in Q1 and saw record earnings and gross margins.

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