Tesla Model Y Gets $21,000 in Startech Aftermarket Mods [VIDEO]

Photo: duPont Registry

As Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular in the years to come, so too do the amount and quality of aftermarket kits for upgrading them.

Last week, duPont Registry shared a video review looking at the various different elements of a Startech aftermarket parts kit, which shows modifications to the vehicle’s exterior body and interior aesthetic (via InsideEVs).

All the parts together total over $21,000, featuring upgraded bumper kits, wheels, spoilers, lights and other exterior upgrades.

On the inside, the Model Y includes new two-tone seat covers, an Alcantra steering wheel as well as a digital instrument cluster that looks fit for a racecar.

After introducing the vehicle and walking the audience through its interior and exterior hardware, the host takes the vehicle for a drive to test out the lowered springs of the body and wider tires, among other features.

Other modified Model Y units have been spotted in the past, but this one looks and drives beautiful — if you can afford to drop a couple of tens of thousands of dollars.

The nice thing about Startech’s hardware, as the host points out, is you can customize which parts you want, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase them altogether.

You can see the full video from duPont Registry, below showing off the Model Y’s full body kit with Startech tuning parts.

YouTube video