Tesla Saw a Spike in Orders the Day After the Super Bowl

super bowl q2

Tesla announced its record Q1 2022 earnings on Wednesday, beating Wall Street estimates. While Tesla saw record production, deliveries and earnings and profit, the company also shared an interesting note about the Super Bowl.

According to Tesla, the day after the 2022 Super Bowl—which featured numerous high profile electric vehicle ads from automakers—it saw a huge surge in orders.

One can conclude the EV interest is certainly trending, considering the recent increase in gas prices, resulting in many people searching for greener alternative vehicles to buy. The problem? Most automotive manufacturers have been unable to produce and deliver cars at mass volume, despite glitzy marketing.

Tesla was able to deliver 310,048 cars in Q1 worldwide, an increase of 68% year-over-year. General Motors, praised as one of the leaders of the EV evolution by the White House, delivered 457 electric vehicles in Q1.

Elon Musk’s Tesla does not spend any money on advertising, so to see a huge spike in orders after the Super Bowl, the company can likely thank others for sparking even more interest in EVs.