Tesla Model Y Fleet Joins Gravity’s Electric Taxis in New York City

Tesla model y gravity nyc yellow taxi front view

Image via Gravity (via InsideEVs)

Sustainable mobility startup, Gravity, has announced Tesla’s Model Y has joined its electric taxi fleet in New York City.

“This is another major first for Gravity as we reinvent what it means to ride a taxi in the world’s greatest city. The Model Y is the first Tesla that really meets at all our expectations for a quality cab ride. New Yorkers and visitors are going to be able to ride in one of the most advanced vehicles ever made, with Gravity’s own customized features that give a first-class experience for a standard cab fare,” said Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity, Inc., to InsideEVs.

The Model Y taxis have also debuted at the New York International Auto Show, painted in the company’s signature ‘Rally Yellow’ paint scheme. Inside the Model Y vehicle is a 22-inch touchscreen for passengers in the rear seat to adjust the taxi’s climate controls, listen to music and more.

Tesla model y gravity nyc yellow taxi rear seating area with passenger

Image via Gravity (via InsideEVs)

The cost of riding in a Tesla Model Y tax from Gravity is the standard fare charged by NYC yellow taxis—no surge or premium rates apply, as all drivers are approved and licensed to operate taxis in the city, as part of a pilot EV program from the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.

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The Gravity Tesla Model Y taxi fleet charges at the company’s charging hub on West 42nd Street at Manhattan Plaza. Future sites are expected soon.

The Model Y joins the Ford Mustang Mach-E taxi fleet at Gravity, which debuted in NYC back in December. Both EV taxi fleets can be hailed from the street.