Watch Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.11.2 Drive from L.A. to San Francisco with Zero Takeovers [VIDEO]

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Tesla owner and Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta tester, Omar Qazi–known as Whole Mars Catalog–has shared his latest video showcasing an extended road trip with the electric automaker’s beta software, yet again.

This time, Qazi said FSD beta 10.11.2 using Tesla’s camera-based Autopilot known as Pure Vision, was able to drive from the bottom of Los Angeles County to the top of San Francisco County—with zero interventions or takeovers. The whole 400-mile drive took six hours and included one charging stop.

“This was all done with just cameras. No radar. Pure Vision Autopilot is that reliable. It’s a breakthrough honestly,” said Qazi, known as an advocate of Tesla and its mission.

You can see a 9-minute timelapse of the drive below, showing no touching of the brake or accelerator by Qazi, with minimal touches of the steering wheel (only to let Autopilot know you’re still there when it asks).

According to Qazi, the vehicle distance setting was at 3; the Autopilot settings are at the most aggressive possible. The sped up timelapse video above is at 8x during city streets and highways at roughly 120x to shorten the length of the video.

Qazi also has raw footage of his six-hour drive, seen below (it’s still processing on YouTube):


Qazi has shared over FSD beta drives before that have had zero takeovers, including the video below with FSD beta 10.5, driving from L.A. to Palo Alto in Thanksgiving traffic: