Tesla’s UK Superchargers to Open to Non-Tesla Cars ‘Within Weeks and Months’: Minister

According to UK Minister for the Future of Transport and Decarbonisation, Trudy Harrison, Tesla is apparently ready to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles, “within weeks.”

That’s according to an interview Harrison gave to the founder of Electrifying.com, Ginny Buckley, last week.

“So we’re working with some of the large car and charge point infrastructure people, to persuade them to make some of their charging infrastructure available to others as well,” said Harrison.

Buckley then asked, “would that be Tesla?”, and that’s when Harrison quickly replied, “it would.”

“Tesla recognise that they are absolutely part of the solution here” and the Supercharger expansion to non-Tesla cars will happen “within weeks and months rather than years,” said Harrison, without specifying a date. She noted the “pressure was on” on Tesla to open up its charging network. But Tesla has been “absolutely brilliant” in working with the government.

Back in February, Tesla opened up its Superchargers in the Netherlands to all non-Tesla vehicles to charge.

Tesla has over 6,000 Superchargers in Europe, with nearly 800 in the UK.

Watch the interview below with Harrison and Buckley, below:

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