Volkswagen Delays ID.5 to May, Citing Supply Issues from Ukraine



Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is set to delay the ID.5 electric vehicle (EV) launch to the first week of May, citing supply issues related to the wire harnesses it receives from Ukraine, according to a spokesperson in a letter obtained by Auto Blog.

As a result of the supply issues, Volkswagen wasn’t able to produce enough of its demonstration vehicles for sales partners, as detailed in the letter.

In the letter, Volkswagen wrote, “In order to ensure that all partners are treated equally, the vehicles that are already in the destination stations are not yet being delivered. The letter continued, “In order to ensure the nationwide availability of the vehicles for every agent, we will partially redistribute the exhibition vehicles.”

Volkswagen is producing the ID.5 at its Zwickau, Germany factory.

While manufacturing at the Zwickau factory is also halted as it undergoes other supply chain bottlenecks related to the war in Ukraine, production is set to resume next week.

Preorders for the Volkswagen ID.5 opened in Germany last November, and the company has since unveiled the electric ID.Buzz van.

A report from earlier this week also held that Volkswagen might be looking to build an electric truck in the U.S., just as companies like Ford and GM are beginning to unveil their own electric pickups.

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