Volkswagen Group Brands to Adopt Tesla’s Charging Standard

Volkswagen tesla NACS

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Scout Motors have announced their commitment to implement Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) in their future electric vehicles starting in 2025. This move is set to significantly enhance the charging experience for EV customers in North America.

Back in June, Volkswagen said it was “evaluating” supporting NACS, and now it has become reality.

The integration of NACS will allow future models of these brands to access Tesla’s expansive Supercharger network, which currently boasts over 15,000 charging points. Additionally, the brands are exploring adapter solutions for existing vehicles with Combined Charging System (CCS) ports to utilize the Tesla network. This development is expected to provide customers with unprecedented charging options, supplementing the existing network of over 3,800 DC fast charging outlets operated by Electrify America and Electrify Canada.

Electrify America has confirmed its plans to offer NACS connectors at its charging stations by 2025, while continuing to support CCS, indicating a significant shift towards unified charging standards in North America.

“This is great news for our electric vehicle customers in the North American Region. This potentially provides them with access to more than 15,000 additional charging points as well as the current near-4,000 DC fast charging outlets operated by Electrify America. It would mean that customers of our fast-selling electric vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.4 will have access to an extensive and growing charging network,” said Pablo Di Si, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, in a statement.

“Earlier this year, the North American Charging standard was just an idea. Today, with the VW Group’s commitment, almost every major automotive manufacturer is onboard, rallying behind a shared vision of improving charging experiences for all EV drivers. This is only the beginning of our industry-wide efforts to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” said Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director of Charging at Tesla.

The Volkswagen Group remains committed to improving the EV charging experience through open standards and interoperability. As 2025 approaches, further details on the integration of the Tesla North American Charging Standard into specific models will be provided, marking a significant step in the evolution of EV infrastructure and customer convenience.

Below is a timeline of automakers joining NACS:

  • 2023.05.26: Ford
  • 2023.06.09: GM
  • 2023.06.20: Rivian
  • 2023.06.27: Volvo
  • 2023.06.29: Polestar
  • 2023.06.29: Electrify America
  • 2023.07.07: Mercedes-Benz
  • 2023.07.19: Nissan
  • 2023.08.18: Honda & Acura
  • 2023.09.22: Jaguar
  • 2023.10.05: Hyundai & Kia
  • 2023.10.17: BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce
  • 2023.10.19: Toyota & Lexus
  • 2023.11.01: Subaru
  • 2023.11.06: Lucid
  • 2023.12.19: VW Group