Volkswagen ID Buzz to Include Two Variants, 11 Color Options

Volkswagen is officially launching the ID Buzz and ID Buzz Cargo electric vans on Wednesday, March 9, and the automaker revealed a few more details about the electric vehicle (EV) on Monday.

Volkswagen is set to detail a standard and Cargo variants of the vehicles of the ID Buzz on Wednesday, and as many as seven solid color versions and four two-tone variants, according to a press release shared by the automaker on Monday.

Interior background lighting will have up to 30 colors and various other Buzz motifs spread around the cabin, plus other features such as a bottle opener and ice scraper. A picture of a two-tone design inside the ID. Buzz was teased on Monday.

“Leather and other materials of animal origin do not feature at all and are replaced with substitute materials with similar properties and feel,” says Volkswagen.

“The steering wheel rim is made of polyurethane but it has the same high-quality look as leather and a similar feel. The seat covers, floor coverings and headliner in the ID. Buzz are made using recyclates – materials made from recycled products,” detailed the German automaker.

The launch will take place at 7:00 p.m. C.T. on Wednesday and the EV will hit the U.S. market in 2023, though it’s not yet clear what the price for VW’s ID Buzz will be.

The ID Buzz will also include an ID California electric camper variant, as depicted in a video from Volkswagen shared in December.

The ID Buzz launch supports Volkswagen’s long-term goals of moving towards electrified mobility, which include plans to cut carbon emissions across the supply chain by 40 percent in Europe by 2030, reaching complete climate neutrality by 2050.

Volkswagen is also targeting 70 percent of its vehicles to be electric in Europe by 2030, and 50 percent in North America and China.

Last week, VW also announced a new $2.1 billion Wolfsburg, Germany plant which will build the upcoming Trinity EV.