Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 Release Date: March 8 in U.S., March 11 in Canada

Photo: James Locke

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared an update on upcoming release dates for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.12, for those in the United States and Canada.

Musk replied to a question about the release of FSD 11 by saying, “Beta 10.12 probably releases Tuesday in US and Friday in Canada.” These days translate to the following if they actually come true:

  • Tuesday, March 8: FSD beta 10.12 for USA
  • Friday, March 11: FSD beta 10.12 for Canada

When asked about the release of FSD 11 by James Stephenson, Musk replied, “We are almost at the point where interventions are so rare on city streets that we can turn our attention to applying the code to highways. No point in doing so until passing that threshold.”

Some existing Tesla FSD beta testers in the U.S., such as James Locke, disagreed with that assessment. “Not quite sure on this tweet Elon as I must admit I’m seeing lots of interventions still here in LA. Don’t get me wrong, beta is doing very well but feels like a ways to go yet before I would say “rare” to see interventions.”

Tesla recently expanded the ‘Request FSD Beta Button’ in Canada, with those that paid for FSD now eligible to tap the button and start working on a perfect (or near-perfect) Safety Score, before they become eligible to download FSD beta when it’s available.