Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Next to Model S and Model X at Fremont Factory [VIDEO]

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We have more footage of Tesla’s Cybertruck again, this time spotted at the company’s Fremont factory.

The latest drone footage recorded by YouTube channel ‘Met God in Wilderness’ from today, shows Tesla’s Cybertruck parked next to a Model S and Model X, giving us a sense of just how large the truck is versus its fellow EV siblings. An employee can be seen standing at the end of the Cybertruck.

Tesla's Electric Semi-Truck Con...
Tesla's Electric Semi-Truck Convoy

According to the channel, the Fremont site was not looking very busy today, aside from the action of the Cybertruck being spotted in the wild, looking fairly dirty.

Earlier this month, the same YouTube channel also spotted the Cybertruck at the Fremont factory, getting what appear to be dangerously close to the truck, to the point where employees were annoyed. You can check out that video below: