Tesla Cybertruck Spotted at Fremont Factory Again [VIDEOS]

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YouTube channel ‘Met God in Wilderness’ has shared its latest ongoing flyovers of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California.

The video shared on Monday and filmed today, shows a short glimpse of Tesla’s Cybertruck at Fremont, seen at the beginning of the video. We don’t get a very good look at the Cybertruck (via @SawyerMerritt).

The shot isn’t very clear, but we do get to see the Cybertruck and its rear bed. The back quarter panel of the vehicle looks to be covered, possibly to keep any potential design changes under wraps.

According to the YouTube channel, they said in the comments a few short moments ago, “just came back for more Cybertruck video”, so we should expect closer views of the Cybertruck shortly.

Overall, the Fremont factory looks very busy with its overflow lots still full of vehicles.

Back in December, Tesla’s Cybertruck was similarly spotted in Fremont, but driving around the company’s test track.

During Tesla’s recent Q4 earnings call, the company announced the Cybertruck won’t launch in 2022, but will be delayed to 2023, due to ongoing supply chain shortages, and the fact the company is trying to keep up with current demand.

Update: Here’s the next video of the Cybertruck shared, showing the new electric truck in greater detail. Three employees are seen working on the Cybertruck. The back cab and rear area are covered.

The drone gets too close to employees, who then spot the drone. One employee doesn’t look pleased at the close flyover, then tries to ‘scares’ the pilot away, while another waves at the camera as it flies away: