Fisker Launches Reservations for $29,900 EV, Coming in 2024

As Fisker prepares to start producing the Ocean electric vehicle (EV) for reservation holders later this year, the company has said it plans to begin taking reservations for another more affordable EV.

Fisker will open reservations for its second EV, set to be a five-passenger vehicle aimed at young buyers, starting at a price of just $29,900 USD before taxes and U.S. incentives.

The Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, or PEAR, will follow the Ocean and will start delivering to customers in 2024, as detailed by Fisker on Tuesday.

The Fisker PEAR will be co-developed with Foxconn at the latter company’s Lordstown, Ohio plant and will target production of 250,000 units in its initial year.

The all-electric Fisker PEAR blends sustainability, technology, and design into a digitally connected, compact, five-passenger urban EV. Featuring intuitive controls, sporty driving, clever storage, and a focus on industry firsts, the Fisker PEAR will start at $29,900 before taxes and incentives in the US. Fisker’s first vehicle, the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV, will start production in November 2022.

“Our customer wants to take a step into the future with us,” CEO Henrik Fisker said in a statement to Tesla North. “We are opening up reservations for PEAR following continued demand.”

“PEAR will feature the very latest technology in a beautifully designed, affordable urban mobility device,” added Fisker. “It’s an exciting vehicle and an exciting time for the company as we expand our lineup.”

Fisker has partnered with Foxconn to produce the PEAR EV, with reservations available for $250, and $100 for second reservations. The company says deliveries will begin in 2024, produced in Ohio, with a minimum initial production of 250,000 cars per year, says the company. It remains to be seen if Fisker can meet its production goals.

Following the news of the automaker’s next EV, shares in Fisker rose 4 percent. The news also comes just weeks after Fisker teased the Ocean electric SUV, set to begin production in November 2022, in Graz, Austria.

The Fisker Ocean will officially debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month.

Fisker’s Ocean is set to be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y, and will feature a higher starting range of 250 miles. The automaker expects to sell 60,000 units of the electric SUV per year across Europe, with the EV starting at a price of $37,499.