Tesla Lets You Hide Media Sources Again with 2022.4.5 Update

Tesla started rolling out its 2022.4.5 software update to more vehicles yesterday, with the release debuting Regenerative Braking in Autopilot, Car Colorizer (was previously exclusive to China) and Save Dashcam Clips features.

Other undocumented changes include the return of the Sentry mode icon to the menu bar, along with the profile switcher for changing pre-set driver settings.

But one other addition in 2022.4.5, as spotted by u/garvesnation on Reddit, is the ability to remove media sources in Audio Settings again. Tesla North can confirm this is the case.

2022 4 5 hide media sources

When Tesla’s V11 software first released back in December, this option to hide media sources was removed. But it has returned in this latest update, allowing you to disable icons for media sources you don’t want showing. When you disable select media sources, respective icons are also gone from the icon stack.

As for Tesla’s Car Colorizer feature, it’s neat to play with and to see your Tesla also update to a new color in the mobile app as well, as seen in a screenshot sent in by reader Steve below. When you select your new color, you can add it to a favourites list by tapping the “+” sign. To change back to your old color, tap the colored icon in the bottom right. Fun feature for a short bit, but it’s even better if you have a wrapped Tesla.

Car colorizer