SpaceX Launches Starlink Premium for Businesses

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SpaceX launched Starlink Premium on Monday evening, which it says offers “more than double the antenna capability of Starlink, delivering faster internet speeds and higher throughput for the highest demand users, including businesses.”

Starlink Premium is available to order now to reserve, with deliveries beginning in Q2 2022.

The Premium service requires a $500 USD deposit, $2,500 hardware cost and monthly service at $500 USD per month. You get expected download speeds from 150 to 500 Mbps (regular Starlink is 50-250 Mbps) and expected upload speeds from 20 to 40 Mbps (regular Starlink is 10-20 Mbps). Like regular Starlink, latency is at 20-40 ms and there are no data caps.

The Starlink Premium antenna is bigger than the regular version, as it helps “ensure bandwidth for critical operations even during times of peak network usage.”

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The service is also available in other areas where Starlink offers service, such as Canada. Local pricing for Canada is $635 CAD for the deposit and $3,170 CAD for the hardware, while the monthly service cost is $635 CAD per month.

Starlink Premium comes with priority support, while the service looks to benefit businesses in rural areas seeking reliable high speed internet.