Tesla to Bring Regular Airbag Horn to Yoke Steering Wheel

Photo: u/todd2fst4u

During the transition to yoke steering wheels in its Model S and X units last year, Tesla has been faced with a number of complaints about the new, small capacitative touch button for the horn – and it seems the automaker has heard the complaints of consumers this time.

Tesla looks to be adding a traditional airbag horn that allows the user to honk by simply pressing the center of the steering yoke, according to a service sticker spotted on a refreshed Model S on Monday (via Reddit).

The tag rests atop the steering yoke with the words “Airbag horn enabled in SW-352573,” and the original poster of the photo noted that the vehicle featured the manufacturer’s plates.

While many in the thread speculated that this could be just a software update away due to the inclusion of “SW,” others noted that the acronym more than likely stands for “Steering Wheel” – meaning that it would probably take more than just an update to implement this change.

Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt says this regular horn is in a “testing phase”, so it may be a while before we see it in real life.

Many of the Tesla steering yoke force touch buttons, unveiled last year, are useful, though another user in the thread claims to work for Tesla assembling steering yokes and said that customers are begging for the feature update for horns – as it’s a little bit harder to activate than the traditional style of honking.