Autonomy Launches Tesla Model 3 Subscription Service in California

Photo: Autonomy

NextCar Holding Company launched a new electric vehicle (EV) subscription program and consumer brand called “Autonomy,” which will allow customers to gain access to a number of EVs – starting with the Tesla Model 3.

NextCar has launched a subscription program through its new brand Autonomy, so users can pay monthly fees to get access to EVs like the Tesla Model 3, according to a press release.

“Consumers have flexibility to customize their monthly payments to as low as $550 a month (with a $5,500 start fee) up to $1,000 per month (with a start fee as low as $1,000). A $500 security deposit is required when the subscription is activated,” says the company.

A three-month minimum is required for month-to-month subscriptions. Essentially you get to rent a Tesla on a monthly basis without needing to commit to buying the vehicle.

Founder and CEO of Autonomy Scott Painter said, “Electric vehicles have reached a tipping point, and it’s clear that the Tesla Model 3 is this generation’s Prius.” Painter continued, “Financial responsibility and the avoidance of debt is also at an inflection point and subscriptions have become a pervasive, sustainable business model and a cornerstone of modern digital life.”

Autonomy’s subscription program is supposed to allow customers to take only 10 minutes to order a Model 3, and it has established three methods to do so: through using the domain name, an Autonomy app from the app store and the phone number 1-800-AUTONOMY.

To start, the subscription service is only available in California, with plans to “rapidly expand to larger U.S. markets.”

NextCar also plans to expand its program to include other Tesla models down the road.

In November, rental car company Hertz announced the purchase of a fleet of Tesla Model 3s, which customers can now rent through Hertz at various locations.