Tesla 2021.44.30.7 Software Update Release Notes



Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.44.30.7 software update, detected by third-party companion software @Teslascope, on a Model 3 in the United Kingdom.

The update was also spotted on a Model S Plaid in the United States and also a Model X in Luxembourg.

Vehicles receiving this update were previously on 2021.44.25.2 and 2021.44.30.6, with the latter released just yesterday that also apparently fixes a bug with Tesla vehicles with a heat pump and climate control not working.

Many installed 2021.44.30.6 but it still did not fix the broken climate control issue despite some unverified reports it would, with some owners having heat pumps being replaced by Tesla.

Yesterday’s rollout of 2021.44.30.6 took a couple of times to install properly on some customer vehicles.

Stay tuned as we’ll update you with what’s new in Tesla’s 2021.44.30.7 software update.

You can see 2021.44.30.7 release notes below, courtesy of Aleksa St (@astanoje) on his Model S Plaid:


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