Tesla Destroyed with Dynamite Blows Past 6 Million Views on YouTube [VIDEOS]

Photo: Beyond The Press

A video shared a few weeks ago by the Beyond The Press channel shows a crew blowing up a broken-down Tesla Model S amidst a snowy landscape.

To create the explosion, the team lined the car with several pieces of dynamite and placed it on a few pallets – though the explosion is rather large and debris covers a much wider area of space upon impact.

In the video, the host explained that the owner of the Model S actually asked the team if they could blow the car up.

The team also clarified in the comments that they removed the batteries and other valuable hardware from the car beforehand, and that they thoroughly cleaned the area following the explosion.

This is the first time that we’ve seen a deliberate explosion created for one of Tesla’s vehicles, and it’s well worth the watch.

Why was the car destroyed in the first place? Finnish man Tuomas Katainen didn’t want to pay $22,600 to replace the battery on his 2013 Model S. Instead, he decided to blow it up instead. We’re sure any monetization from YouTube might help pay for a battery swap now…except the car is no longer available.

You can see the full videos with the broken-down Tesla Model S explosion below–so far both videos have combined to surpass 6 million total views. Eat that, YouTube:

YouTube video

YouTube video