Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Said to Hit 1.3 Million Annual Production Capacity: Report

In a recent progress update for Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory in Shanghai, JasonYang (@JasonYangSHA) reported that the facility is now capable of producing more than 1,600 Model Y units and more than 2,000 Model 3 units every day.

“Tesla optimizes expansion projects through production lines, increases production capacity by increasing working hours, increasing the number of employees, and increasing the frequency of material turnover,” said Yang.

According to Yang, Gigafactory Shanghai has gone from a maximum daily output of about 700 vehicles in total at the beginning of the year, to 1,000 Model Y and 800 Model 3 units in August, to 1,600 Model Y and 2,000 Model 3 units as of November.

That would bring Tesla’s peak production capacity at Giga Shanghai up to a whopping 1,314,000 units per year — almost three times its projected 2021 production of 400,000-500,000 units.

Of course, these numbers refer to Tesla’s theoretical maximum production at the facility —Tesla isn’t operating on that scale just yet.

According to Troy Teslike (@TroyTeslike), who provides data-driven delivery estimates for Tesla every quarter, Giga Shanghai’s output for November has been a maximum of 749 Model 3 units per day on the Phase 1 production line, and 1,550 Model Y units per day on the Phase 2 line for a maximum of 2,299 units per day.

The majority of the vehicles coming out of Giga Shanghai are exported to Europe and other parts of Asia. Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Tesla plans to invest up to $187 million USD to expand its Shanghai Gigafactory and increase production.

Check out Yang’s recently published 4K aerial overview of Giga Shanghai below:

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