Tesla Owner Who Let CNN Test FSD Beta Shows What Really Happened [VIDEO]



Photo: Tallman Tech

Last week, CNN shared footage of their Transportation Editor driving around Brooklyn and using the company’s Full Self-Driving, largely showing major flaws with the system.

On Sunday, Tallman Tech released a new video showing Tesla Full-Self Driving (FSD) footage that was not shared on the recent CNN segment, with the host Jason being the one who sat in the back seat while the video was being filmed.

The car CNN was driving was loaned belonged to Tallman Tech, who is a FSD beta tester.

In the video, Jason shows a number of moments not shared in the CNN segment, in which he felt that the FSD system handled the road conditions better than advertised.

Jason also pointed how he felt like the editorial team wasn’t interested in having him along but rather just using his car, though he insisted on being there for the drive, which is how he was able to capture the moments.

The video showed a number of moments in which the video host Michael Ballaban actually compliments the technology, pointing out where it succeeded and did, in fact, follow the laws of the road.

The video does offer a revealing look at the video released by CNN, which largely only held that the system was flawed and showed the moments where interventions became necessary.

As others have pointed out, Ballaban also pointed out that sometimes when the FSD system is hesitating, the driver needs to give a little bit of gas to get the car to keep going, as judged by the human driver when road conditions allow for it.


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