SpaceX Tests First Ever Starship 6-Engine Static Fire [VIDEO]


On Friday, SpaceX’s fully reusable Starship SN20 spacecraft successfully achieved static fire, with thrust, on all six of its engines in a multi-engine test that will prove instrumental in getting the rocket company the regulatory approval it needs to attempt Starship’s first orbital launch (via @NASASpaceflight).

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was understandably stoked with the results of the test. Prior to Friday’s multi-engine test, the company had conducted another successful static fire test with Starship SN20 last month. That test, however, didn’t engage thrust.

What the October test did do is give Musk confidence that SpaceX could attempt Starship SN20’s first orbital launch as early as sometime this month, “pending regulatory approval.”

SpaceX has been working on getting Starship SN20 ready for an orbital test flight since earlier this year. The company originally had its sights set on July for the first attempt, but it wasn’t until August that the company moved its Super Heavy booster rocket onto the launch site and finally stacked Starship SN20 on top of it.

With Starship SN20 passing final launch tests with flying colours, all SpaceX really needs to attempt its first orbital flight now is regulatory approval.

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