Tom Brady Talks Hertz Deal, Says He Loves His Tesla [VIDEO]

After Hertz’s $4.2 billion USD deal to begin buying 100,000 Tesla Model 3 units used NFL quarterback Tom Brady, the football player has also spoken about his experience owning a Tesla, as well as how the Hertz deal makes sense for both companies.

In a new video segment with Bloomberg Technology on Monday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said he’s been driving a Tesla vehicle for four years as part of a choice to lead a more sustainable lifestyle (via Clean Technica).

He also went on to say he’s been utilizing Hertz’s services for years and added that the shift is important.

In the segment, Brady said, “I’ve been someone who’s been a customer of Hertz for a long time and I think their move to electric vehicles is super important. And when Tom [Wagner] talked about what the opportunity was for him in this business, I certainly wanted to do my best to help promote people who are changing the world in a really positive way.”

You can watch Brady’s full 2.5-minute conversation with Bloomberg, complete with discussions about why switching to electric vehicles (EVs) is important, and what resonates with Brady about the Tesla-Hertz deal.