Entry Tesla Model Y in China Updated with More Range, Slower Acceleration

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Tesla increased the price of its Model Y in the U.S. on Thursday evening, raising the price by $1,000 USD. The automaker also made some updates to the Model Y in China.

According to CnEVPost, the Model Y rear-wheel drive, the entry version, drops the ‘Standard Range’ moniker. This entry model also now shows a slower 0-100km acceleration time of 6.9 seconds; previously it was at 5.6 seconds. The estimated range increases to 545 km, however.

Tesla’s website notes the range is based on the new national CLTC standard:

The vehicle mileage data is based on the test results obtained from the national standard GB/T 18386-2017 NEDC comprehensive operating conditions, or the new national standard GB/T 18386.1-2021 CLTC-P comprehensive operating conditions. The actual cruising range will vary due to factors such as vehicle configuration, battery life and status, driving habits and operations, environment and climate conditions.

Customers with existing Model Y orders are being told their vehicles won’t be affected by this change.

Entry Model Y versions in China are showing an estimated delivery date of the first quarter of 2022.

Recently, the entry Model 3 in the U.S. also was updated with more range and slower acceleration as well, which many suspect may be due to Tesla’s switch to LFP batteries for all its entry Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.