Tesla Model 3 Axes ‘Standard Range Plus’ Moniker, Range Estimates Revised

CleanShot 2021 11 01 at 20 11 17

Tesla continues to make changes to its vehicles tonight on its website configurator. We previously noted Model Y range estimates had changed depending on wheel choice, and now the same has happened for the Model 3 (via @SawyerMerritt).

But for the Model 3, the entry ‘Standard Range Plus’ moniker has been removed, now just known as…Model 3. Also, this entry Model 3 now has a slower 0-60 mph time, going from 5.3 to 5.8 seconds.

Model 3 range estimates have increased slightly, now showing as follows:

  • Model 3: 272 miles (was 262) with 18-inch Aero Wheels
  • Model 3: 267 miles (was 262) with 19-inch Sport Wheels
  • Long Range: 358 (was 353) with 18-inch Aero Wheels
  • Long Range: 334 (was 353) with 19-inch Aero Wheels
  • Performance: 315 miles (no change)

Tesla’s entry Model 3 is showing an estimated delivery date of September 2022, just like the Model Y, as the automaker faces high demand, a shortage of semiconductor chips and supply chain parts pressures.