SpaceX Starlink Customer Sets Up Incredible Mobile Office at Park [VIDEO]

Photo: MegaLag

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet has officially dropped the word “beta” on its website, and with the company’s userbase growing around the globe, one user has decided to try the satellite internet out from a local park.

A new video shared by MegaLag on Wednesday shows the host using Starlink internet to work from the park, in addition to a remote power bank and two solar panels from Jackery to power the computer and tablet.

Using the setup, the host sets up a workstation in the park and tests it with various activities, later offering the internet connection address and password up for grabs to the public at the park.

Among other tests, the host tries a Zoom call with several participants to test out the internet’s connection, including one other user who was also calling from a Starlink internet connection at their own home.

With the Jackery power setup, the battery never dipped below 80 percent throughout the different park shoots used while creating the video, which the host says left him “really impressed.”

MegaLag’s Jonathon Laing told Tesla North he shot the video at Rheinpark in Düsseldorf, Germany. He’s an existing Starlink subscriber and said he was able to use the satellite dish about 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) from his registered address with the service.

Some Starlink users have been able to use the service anywhere from 20 to 50 kilometers (12 to 31 miles) away from their addresses, noted Laing.

SpaceX has launched thousands of Starlink satellites into orbit and is expected to reach global coverage around September.

In August, SpaceX paused its Starlink launches to upgrade its satellites with information-beaming lasers, the same month in which the company had shipped 100,000 Starlink terminals worldwide.

You can see MegaLag’s full video on using Starlink internet to work from the park below–it’s a fun watch:

YouTube video