First Tesla Model X Refresh Delivery Reportedly Set for October 16, Claims Soon-to-Be Owner



We may be seeing the first Tesla Model X refresh get delivered on October 16, at 2pm PDT, in Fremont, California.

That’s according to TMC forum user ‘sunnyvaletree’, who shared this morning, “I got a call yesterday from the Fremont factory to pick up the model x this Saturday. Did anyone else also get a call? I order 6-seat, LR, white.”

The user then shared a screenshot of their Model X refresh build, showing the delivery appointment date and time (via @TeslaPodcast):

Model x refresh delivery

As for the original delivery date? The user said it was around December. As for the specs of the Model X refresh? It’s a Long Range in Pearl White Multi-Coat, 20” Cyberstream wheels, Cream Premium Interior with Walnut and 6-seat configuration.

‘Sunnyvaletree’ says the 10th digit of their vehicle’s VIN is an “M”, and they ordered their Model X refresh back on February 27, 2021.

Some users have doubted the delivery timeline for tomorrow, as ‘sunnyvaletree’ is a new forum user, so take this with a grain of salt until we see shiny delivery photos shared.

What’s the delivery date estimate on your Model X refresh?

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