Tesla Open to Licensing Autopilot Tech to Other Automakers, ‘Morally Right’ Says Musk



During Tesla’s 2021 shareholder meeting yesterday, the company touched on its ongoing strong cash flow generation, which is expected to grow even more once the company is able to increase the volume of cars with its autonomous technology, known as Autopilot.

CEO Elon Musk said Tesla has, “continued strong cash flow generation, especially as you multiply unit volume times autonomy, and increased efficiency in the factories. I think over time you’ll see all manufacturers make electric vehicles. Eventually, all automakers will make autonomous vehicles.”

“Tesla’s open to licensing autonomy, because autonomy will be such a significant lifesaver and preventer of injuries that it is not a technology we want to keep to ourselves. So, I think it will be morally right to license it to other manufacturers if they would like to use it,” expressed Musk, receiving applause after his statement.

Tesla has already agreed to expand its Supercharger network to other automakers, first set to start in the Netherlands.

Tesla’s Autopilot suite comes standard on all vehicles, essentially cruise control that keeps you in the lane. For $10,000 USD extra, owners can purchase the Full Self-Driving upgrade, which includes self-driving on city streets (currently in beta still) and other features such as Autopark, automatic lane changes, and Summon.


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