Tesla’s Giga Berlin Gets Approval to Build Gas and Antifreeze Tanks

Tesla has officially been given provisional approval by the State Office for the Environment (LfU) in Brandenburg, Germany to construct tanks for gas and antifreeze at its Grünheide Gigafactory, according to RBB 24.

While the tanks will eventually be used to store gas and antifreeze, part of the approval from the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment includes the fact that filling the tanks still isn’t permitted yet.

Along with the gas and antifreeze tanks, Tesla can expect tanks storing nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other sprinkler system containers to be approved for filling earlier than the former.

Still, Tesla has yet to receive final approval for its Grünheide facility, termed “Gigafactory Berlin,” and the automaker is expected to receive full approval from the government by October.

Tesla has also announced plans to hold a County Fair event at its Gigafactory Berlin, for which registration is already open. The company has also requested a waiver for COVID-19 restrictions which would allow 9,000 guests, and one Minister said Tesla is likely to be approved for the request.

In August, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he hoped the company’s first Berlin-made cars would be made in October, though it will depend upon the pending final approval.