New Tesla Megafactory Breaks Ground in Lathrop, California



Tesla megapack factory 209 times

Image via 209 Times

Earlier this month, it was rumored Tesla was going to building a new factory to build its next-generation Megapacks, located near the company’s existing warehouse and distribution center in Lathrop, California.

Megapack provides massive energy storage, able to power city grids at giga-scale capacity, according to Tesla.

Now, it appears the rumor has become true, as according to 209 Times (via @SjvTesla), Tesla has broken ground on this new Megapack factory. According to @SawyerMerritt, these second-generation Megapacks are said to utilize CATL prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries.

“We took everything we know about battery technology to enable the world’s largest energy projects. A 1 Gigawatt hour (GWh) project provides record energy capacity—enough to power every home in San Francisco for 6 hours,” says Tesla’s current Megapack website.

Megapacks are delivered pre-assembled and pre-tested in a single enclosure, with customers just needing to connect site wiring to get started.

Tesla has been trying to hire in Lathrop for Energy Manufacturing, including production controller, manager and planner positions.

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