Tesla Center Opening in Sovereign Pueblo in New Mexico

Photo: Brittany Bade / KRQE

Tesla’s eager to offer its products and services to rural locations around the world, and in a new update, the company has officially begun building its first-ever distribution and service center in New Mexico.

For the first time ever, a Tesla distribution and service center was announced on Thursday and is set to open in a sovereign Pueblo, according to KRQE. The center, set to be located in Nambe Pueblo in New Mexico, was praised by Pueblo governor Phillip Perez, who called the moment “historic.”

Perez said, “This location will not only create permanent jobs but it is also part of a long-term relationship with Tesla.” Perez continued, “As the company is working with the Pueblo of Nambe to provide education and training opportunities for tribal members as well as economic development.”

The Tesla distribution and service center will be built in an old casino in Nambe, and it’s set to become the first sales service and distribution center in New Mexico.

In New Mexico, like in 23 other states, a law exists preventing automakers from selling vehicles directly to their customers, forcing them to sell through independent dealerships. However, it’s not clear if the facility location being built on sovereign Pueblo land could get Tesla out of that law. If so, insert “clever girl” reference from Jurassic Park.

Tesla launched service subscriptions last month, which gives users increased access to tools for maintenance and repair.