Tesla FSD Beta 9.2 Released: 2021.12.25.15 Software Update

Tesla has released Full Self-Driving Beta Version 9.2 for beta testers on late Saturday evening, software version 2021.12.25.15. Version 9.1 of FSD beta introduced ‘Pure Vision’, with Tesla’s vehicles relying only on its cameras and no longer radar for Autopilot.

Back on July 30, 2021, Tesla released FSD Beta version 9.1 (software update 2021.4.18.13).

Previously, Tesla has been releasing new FSD beta builds on Friday at midnight, but version 9.2 looks to come one day later, according to @SawyerMerritt and @WholeMarsBlog.

FSD beta testers have received emails that version 9.2 is available, but now cars aren’t seeing the update just yet.

No word on what’s exactly new, but stay tuned for updates as test drives will surely make their way to YouTube and the web soon.

Update August 15, 2021: Tesla CEO provided an update on the delay last night and also said “significant architecture changes in 10”.

Here are some of the FSD beta 9.2 release notes according to Musk:

…developing, more to follow