SpaceX Acquires New Ships Named “Doug” and “Bob”

Photo: Space Explored

New SpaceX watercraft has surfaced on social media, as seen being outfitted with SpaceX logos and matching color schemes.

A photo shared on Facebook on Tuesday depicting two water vessels being outfitted, both bearing a SpaceX logo, according to Space Explored. The Facebook post noted that the ship was allegedly purchased by SpaceX for operations off the east coast.

Space Explored verified the claim through the United States Coast Guard Database, where the publication found International Maritime Organization (IMO) identifiers, and other helpful paperwork on the new vessels.

Photo: Space Explored

In the photo posted on Facebook, onlookers pointed out that the ships are outfitted with the names “Doug” and “Bob,” with the former sporting a black and white design, along with a crane mounted on the neck.

Photo: Space Explored

The crane is similar to those found on old, contractor vessels SpaceX used to rent out, which were called Shelia Bordelon and Hos Briarwood – leading some to think that SpaceX will use Bob and Doug to collect lost spacecraft pieces from the water.

Earlier this week, SpaceX’s Elon Musk offered to help NASA with the development of spacesuits for the 2024 Artemis moon outpost mission.

SpaceX also stacked its SN20 Starship onto a booster last week, which Musk called a “dream come true.”