Citadel Mall in L.A. Gets 20 New V3 Tesla Superchargers



Image: User “Limited” on the TMC Forums

Citadel Outlets (@citadel_outlets) now has a whopping 20 brand new Tesla Supercharger stations on the premises, announced the Los Angeles-based outlet mall in a tweet yesterday.

The Superchargers are located right behind the Disney Store in Citadel Outlets at 100 Citadel Drive, Commerce, CA. The installation consists of 20 V3 Superchargers, each capable of delivering a power output of up to 250 kW per car.

Tesla is also working on upgrading all of its 250 kW V3 Superchargers to a peak power output of 300 kW, and this new location will be eligible. While 20 stalls is more than decent for a new installation, it is far from the largest in L.A — that spot belongs to a 44-stall Supercharger at the Venice Croassroads shopping mall.

This Supercharger facility has been in the works since early this year, with patrons of the TMC Forums spotting permits for the location as early as May. All Supercharger stalls at the location are up and running, and an official listing for the facility has been added to Tesla’s website.

The Commerce, CA, Supercharger is also available on your Tesla’s onboard navigation.


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