Tesla Model S Plaid Reviewed by MKBHD, Elon Musk Responds [VIDEO]



Photo: MKBHD

Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, released a review of the Tesla Model S Plaid on Thursday, calling the electric sedan “the best, newest, highest-end thing that they make.” Brownlee is one of the world’s most popular and influential technology reviewers on YouTube.

In addition to discussing the speed and various aspects of Tesla’s newest release, Brownlee also talks at length about the steering yoke, emphasizing a sentiment that many users have echoed since the car’s release – that it takes some getting used to, but ends up becoming preferable to a traditional steering wheel.

Overall, Brownlee has great things to say about the Model S Plaid, which debuted just last month at Tesla’s Plaid delivery event. Brownlee has experience owning a Model S himself so he offers some good insight on the new car.

In one particular critique of the vehicle, Brownlee discusses how easy it is to mistakenly press the steering yoke drive buttons, even as a self-proclaimed “tech-forward” person. Others that have driven for several years and aren’t as savvy, Brownlee says, may not fare as well getting to know the system.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the review on Friday, calling it a “good review & fair critique,” saying the “car’s intuition will get better” and that drivers will need to “press buttons less & less.”

Along with the critique, however, Brownlee discusses Tesla’s Model S drive modes, which allows users to select how quick they actually want the EV to run, with Plaid mode including the battery heat-up feature Drag Strip mode, and the increased aerodynamics of Cheetah mode – offering the ideal conditions for a quick launch.

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